The Benefit of Links (Blogging and Social Bookmarking)

Reading Assignment:
Finding a Social Media Savvy Web Host or… planting your garden where it can grow

What is Social bookmarking?

Live Class Agenda:

The power of WordPress

    • Themes,
    • Plugins,
    • Widgets

Blogging Secrets (using keywords in links for greater impact, setting link target) Check the URL structure, interlinking, page titles and keyword selection of your site. Get a run down of your site’s backlinks with Yahoo explorer and note the age of the domain using a whois tool. Using Google Adwords keyword selection tool, do a little keyword research and find some good keywords. Write up a new homepage title from your notes on the above research. Research the value of 1-way links and optimized anchor text.

Social Bookmarking is a powerful tool used to promote Websites but, going through all of those social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming and downloading all of the toolbars is madness! is a free service designed to reduce the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a website.