Learn about how to use the ever-expanding social media toolbox for successful business marketing with an introductory training consultation and your 3-month enrollment in the WebSchoolhouse.com Learning Center.

The 5-part workshop is ongoing, and can be taken up at any time of the day or week using each of the 5 topical sessions listed below.

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The Web Schoolhouse is a private, learning resource for students and graduates in Stephen Kastner’s DesignWise Classes in using Social Media for Business Success. The 5-part Boot Camp is the first stage of a training course that introduces you to the use of inbound advertising with a live teleconference and live online screencasting displaying the instructor’s screen while you listen and discuss your social media marketing plan. The current 5-part curriculum covers:

  • #1 – Concept mapping, making and following your social media blueprint; Facebook (Creating Public Profile Pages and bringing them alive)
  • #2 – Twitter as a Business Tool; micro-blogging with 140 characters (listening, following and employing search tools)
  • #3 –  The power of WordPress (Themes, Plugins and Widgets); Blogging Secrets (using keywords and feed links for greater impact); and an introduction to Social Bookmarking
  • #4 – LinkedIn, Myspace, Google SEO and maps
  • #5 – Broadcasting audio and video: YouTube, Blogtalk Radio, Talkshoe, Ustream and Web TV, concluding with a live call-in radio show that you help to create.

ani-houseThe $297 fee to enroll in the Webschoolhouse includes the 5-day training course, an e-book of instructional materials, 3 months of personal coaching and mentoring coupled with 3 months of access to the Web Schoolhouse full of social media marketing tools in the form of text, audio and video lessons. You may repeat live classes and listen to rebroadcasts as often as you like – the course materials are continuously changing to reflect the 2.0 world we work in. Call 920.256.9449 to enroll or email Stephen.Kastner@WebSchoolhouse.com.

Stephen Kastner’s Summary:

Stephen Kastner

Stephen Kastner

I develop Internet marketing campaigns, learning resources and on-line news and community information portal Web sites. In the mid-eighties I was a professional photo-journalist… then, I discovered the Web! I spent the 90s immersed in the medical industry, building Unix networks for healthcare facilities, training staff at clinics and hospitals in electronic billing procedures and eventually acting as the Executive Director of a Federal Health Education Center that linked communities in need with medical students in administering more than $13 million in grant funding.

In 1997 I was contracted by Marquette University to lead faculty in developing distance learning courses. In the next 3 years we built 14 on-line courses, instructing post graduate mid-level practitioners to become certified Nurse Midwives and launched 3 courses in the College of Education. In 2006 I spent 6 months in China shooting and producing documentary films on Chinese arts and culture. I was contracted to develop the curriculum and marketing plan for a Chinese Cultural Learning Center.

For more than a decade I have managed my own Web servers, in order to provide more… to a select group of my clients who want something besides generic faceless, corporate hosting solutions. I seek to educate my clients and empower them by working with them as a coach and mentor. We include the latest version of WordPress, pre-loaded with several important plugins and a special configurable theme.

I can create and add any distinctive custom design elements, copy writing, photography and video conten as well as, linking together a campaign that impliments Google, Facebook and Twitter.As an experienced journalist I undersrtand hot to create effective earned-media campaigns based on generating meaningful authentic story content intended for distribution as press release material to other publications.

Social Media and Web 2.0 are catch words that signify a significant advancement in the use of the Internet and a dramatic shift in advertising strategy. For the past two years I have undertaken an extensive study of Social Media, working with several educators including Prof. B.J. Fogg at Stanford U. to investigate the effects of Social Media on the emerging global information society. All of my previous design theory has shifted over time to provide a greater integration of client-as-user and benefactor of Social Media.

Stephen Kastner’s Specialties:

I am knowledgeable and experienced in the fine arts, digital design, print layout, graphic design, journalism, copy writing, film making and photography. If you are seeking to expand your Web presence into a content based e-commerce effort I have developed specific tools and have more than a decade of experience in Web campaigning.