Broadcasting your multi-media marketing message:

Starting simple… The Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black) is cheap ($176), small and produces high definition, 16 x 9 format (widescreen) videos. It is easy to operate and upload your videos.

Creating an effective video. Watch this example at Door County Sytyle Magazine to see if you can spot all of the ways it uses inbound advertising. Try to align your business video with a news event (a conference, sports event, festival, a quote by prominent official ).

People love celebrities. Your business marketing video will become more popular if you interview or get the endorsement of a famous person or a colorful local celebrity. You can also reverse this concept, making everyday people into celebrities – but don’t do it too often.

Another way to create video content is with an op-ed piece. Try to focus on providing a solution to a problem that you describe – grand or trivial – like how to make a left turn in July in downtown Fish Creek. Make sure the piece is original, humorous or thought-provoking.

Creating a business channel at YouTube and other numerous other video sharing sites.

Distributing videos to them all in one step with TubeMogul.

Blogtalk Radio, Talkshoe, Ustream and Web TV

At 9:45 pm we will close the teleconference call and switch to broadcasting mode… concluding with a live call-in radio show that you help to create. Please join me by calling in at the show’s Guest call-in number: (646) 929-0910.

At 9:45 pm (CST) we will go live, broadcasting the Door County Social Media Show, a live 15-minute, Internet call-in radio show on BlogTalkRadio at: