Concept mapping – making and following your Social Media Blueprint is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online. With it you can:

Create colorful mind maps online
Share and work with friends
Embed your mind map in your blog or website
Email and print your mind map
Save your mind map as an image

Please create a account for yourself before class and bookmark it saving your user name and passwd so you are ready to go… we will create and update your social media footprint campaign blueprints here.

You can learn more about usingĀ for mind mapping at their blog

What’s in a name?
Your username is your “brand” in social media. It’s worth considering what name you chose to label yourself with across the social grid, especially if you are lucky enough to be starting at the beginning. If you already have a Website, then that same name would be a worthy choice. Brevity is important – the shorter the better. lets you search 40 different social media sites to see if the name you decide upon is available.

Facebook for Business – Creating Personal and Business Profile Pages and bringing them alive

If you don’t already have one, please create a basic Facebook Personal Page under your own name. We will then proceed to show you how to develop business Public Profile Pages that you administer from within your own Personal Page. There is no problem with a privacy meltdown between them, as they each stand alone to external site visitors.

Once again, choosing a name for your business Public Profile Page is even more important here than anywhere else, because Facebook does not allow it to ever be changed.