For the 5-day session beginning Monday, May 18…
Please log in to Teleconference Call Center at 8:45 pm CDT
Dial: 1.218.862.7200
Then enter Bridge #275385

Conference call attendees can Self-Mute their lines by pressing four (4) then star (*) on their telephone keypad. If you are listening from within a noisy environment please self-mute. A caller can regain talking rights by repeating the above selection.

Note: Guests cannot un-mute their lines if the conference call host enables Mute Entire Conference.

There is open discussion ’til 9 pm when we start the topical presentation and live screencast demonstrations.

Log in to Adobe Connect for the live screen display at:
When asked for a user name and password please just choose Guest… and add your name.

We have an open discussion until the top of the hour when formal class begins.

Our 5-Day Agenda:

  • Day #1 – Concept mapping, making and following your social media blueprint; Facebook (Creating Public Profile Pages and bringing them alive)
  • Day #2 – Twitter as a Business Tool; micro-blogging with 140 characters (listening, following and employing search tools)
  • Day #3 – The power of WordPress (Themes, Plugins and Widgets); Blogging Secrets (using keywords and feed links for greater impact); and an introduction to Social Bookmarking
  • Day #4 – LinkedIn, Myspace, Google SEO and maps
  • Day #5 – Broadcasting audio and video: YouTube, Blogtalk Radio, Talkshoe, Ustream and Web TV, concluding with a live call-in radio show that you help to create.